Beauty and Heartache…….

I was reminded of something just a short while ago from a person I look up to.  Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a season where there is beauty and heartache at the same time. You’re completely aware of God’s presence in and on your life, yet you find yourself constantly in a position of having to lay down questions, doubts and pain. You find yourself asking, “when is enough ENOUGH”.  You find yourself having some seriously intense conversations with God. One thing I’ve realized through this season is that there is no shame in asking why.  There is nothing wrong with having questions – but worshipping and trusting Him through it – that brings the break-through and healing. It’s about learning through it all to praise Him – in the midst of the storm even when we can’t begin to understand.  The presence of His spirit breaks through walls of deep disappointment. We are created in the image of our Father, and He is so very well acquainted with our deepest thoughts and hurts.  In His presence we can find peace that cannot be explained.  As I’ve been walking through this season of tough love with a family member, I’ve come to learn more and more that waiting on the Holy Spirit, worshipping while tears are running down your face, surrendering your questions and fears, letting go of hurt and disappointment, all while waiting for Him to meet you where you are – that’s what helps – so…here I am Lord—waiting on you!  Stand with someone today.  You don’t have to know what words to say.  Just stand with them and worship with them.  Be a part of the break-though.


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